Useful Documents

You would need: Birth and Marriage certificates, Driving Licences and Educational Certificates. You will need original documents and certified translations into English. It is useful to bring a few passport pictures, between 6 and 8.


Check with Shell Barbados HR for guidance. Please note that the Immigration Department follows strict rules about applications. You should know that they require partners to have lived together for 5 years, for which they need proof. Children born outside of the current relationship will not be given residence/ student permits unless the new couple are married. Children from long-term relationship, accompanying both parents (supported by a Birth Certificate) would not have any problem.

Same sex relationships are not recognised by Law in Barbados, so there are implications regarding immigration.


A valid Passport is required, but should you travel whilst on assignment in Barbados you need to have at least 6 months left to run on the Passport.

Driving License

On arrival, you should obtain a temporary driving permit.

A visitor or temporary resident of Barbados may obtain a temporary driving permit by applying to: 

  • The Licensing Authority at THE PINE, St Michael, OISTINS in Christ Church and SPEIGHTSTOWN in St. Peter. Opening Hours: 830am – 3pm (Monday to Friday).
  • At any approved hired car agency.

The applicant must be in possession of a valid driving license issued by the traffic authorities in his/her country of normal residence. There is a fee of BD$10 for less than two months or BD$100 for two months or over and up to a maximum of one year.

Beyond that, you will need to apply for a full Barbadian Driving Licence.

Local Drivers License can be obtain from: Ministry of Public Works & Transport, The Pine, St Michael. Tel: 436-4920

The required documents are:

  • Work permit
  • Overseas Drivers License
  • Application form
  • Passport size photo
  • Barbados ID
  • BD$50 for the first application, valid for 1 year. After the first year, BD$125 for 3 years renewal.

Mid morning (and at around 2pm) is said to be the best time to visit the Office because local population often has to visit before work or at lunchtime. Take a pen with you because sometimes there are not provided.

Since July 2009, spouses and partners are generally given a permit to reside, which classes them as Visitors. Visitors are not allowed to obtain a Barbados ID card and cannot therefore obtain anything other than a Visitors Permit.


The costs involved with pets are for your own account and local HR must be informed.

An import permit must be obtained from the Chief Veterinary Officer before the importation of all animals, reptiles and birds. A Veterinary Officer must examine the animal before it is allowed to leave the customs area.

Dogs and cats must be free of any communicable disease. These animals may be imported by permit directly from the UK, Ireland, Jamaica, St.Kitts - Nevis, Antigua, St.Lucia and St.Vincent. Cats and dogs originating from all other countries must undergo 6 months quarantine in Britain after which time an import permit can be secured.

For more information on the travel process, see the United Kingdom’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs website, or Veterinary Services at Barbados’ Ministry of Agriculture 427-5073 or

The Essentials

You might bring appliances but remember that you will need transformers to step your item down to 110-115 volts and 50 cycles (these can be bought in Barbados). Some houses do have a 220v circuit in the kitchen area, so you could use your own kitchen appliances with just a plug adaptor. Since the price for appliances is high in the island and choice limited, you might want to check the electrical circuit options in your new home or talk to the landlord in case there are possibilities for the use of 220v appliances.

You do not need to worry about electrical bulbs, as both screw and bayonet fittings are available in the stores.

Bring anything you envisage needing because choice and supply is limited in Barbados. The cost of most things is higher due to import and transport costs in the Caribbean. So, pack as much as possible for the duration of your stay, particularly sports equipment, all baby supplies and equipment, furniture, cds/dvds and hobby materials.

Light-weight cotton is best for the climate. The high humidity can make synthetic fibres uncomfortable to wear outside of air-conditioned areas.

On Arrival

Allow an hour (at least) to clear Immigration, collect baggage and pass through Customs. There are not luggage trolleys in the Airport but plenty of porters. Their rate is posted in the arrivals hall,  at the moment is BD$10 per piece of luggage they carry.

There are taxis immediately after leaving the arrivals building. There is also a board with the main destinations on the island and its rates. A taxi to the temporary accommodation in Worthing, Christ Church would be around BD$50 or US$25.

In accordance with Shell policy, a rental car is provided for a maximum of 21 continuous days on payroll. Alternatively, a company car will be provided for a similar period, if available.

Welcome Committee

Someone from the relocation company will collect you from the airport and take you to either your temporary accommodation or your place of residence if this has already been arranged.

On Boarding Procedure and Documents

Hopefully you will feel like you have had sufficient contact and support from outpost prior to your arrival. We try and meet up with new employees during their preview trip if they have one to introduce ourselves and put a name to a face. The first few weeks are really important, especially for the spouses to settle in and feel comfortable in their new home. An outpost representative will arrange to meet up within the first couple of weeks and make sure all is well. Please do not hesitate to email or call with any questions you have in those first few weeks and throughout the duration of your stay. We are here for you to use as much or as little as you wish.

On arrival in the office you will receive a welcome pack including an Atlas of the island, Local attractions, Map of the island and a copy of the outpost document.

Outpost Barbados

Office hours: By appointment
Languages: English, Dutch, French
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